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Protect it. Unique it. Brand it.

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What is a vehicle wrap?

Car wrapping is suddenly all the rage, allowing private customers and businesses alike to use a vehicle wrap to make a real statement, out on the roads of Britain.

As a clever alternative to paint, you can transform features of your car, like bonnets and roofs, or go the whole way and cover the whole car with a vehicle wrap in the colour or graphic of your choice.

So whether you want a union jack Mini, a pink Panda, or simply some striking feature graphics, you can be a true individual – only your imagination can hold us back.

For companies too, a real opportunity exists to use a vehicle wrap to ‘brand’ their vehicles and make the most of this moving advertising opportunity. Gone are the days when need simply be lettering, if your product lends itself to pictures or striking images you can now take advantage of the technology. We even help the motor sport fraternity with providing the best possible exposure for their sponsors.

Using high quality vinyl, it's almost impossible to tell it has been applied and as well as transforming your vehicle it provides protection for the original bodywork.

In fact, we even offer a clear film simply to protect bodywork from scrapes and chips and which can be removed to reveal the original paintwork beneath.

So contact to us about the 1000's of colour and texture options available making your vehicle dreams come true.


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Carskinz are available via dealers nationwide including St Helens, Liverpool, Merseyside, Manchester, Birmingham, Cheshire, Lancashire and the Midlands.